The Iowa Foil Printer

The Iowa Foil Printer (IFP) allows artists and printmakers to control and execute the entire process of creating foil-stamping prints or other art works from beginning to end. The IFP performs as a safe, non-intimidating device that allows one artist, working alone, to execute the entire hot foil stamping process from beginning to end. A specially designed wooden frame provides support for large sheets of paper beyond the dimension of the hot plate. Heat for both the hot plate and the printer roller may be precisely controlled.

The IFP allows the artist exclusive control over the three basic principles of foil stamping. These principles are heat, pressure, and dwell time. Most varieties of foil available for use on paper substrates may be stamped and adhered at 200 degrees Fahrenheit or less using the IFP. The Iowa Foil Printer gives to artists the ability to create fine art with an extraordinary palette of roll leaf foil.

Associated Documents:
IFP User Manual
Small Printer Specification Sheet
Printer Product Specifications
20 Inch Hot Plate Specification
24 Inch Hot Plate Specification